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Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon

07.28.20 | Event Team | by Jamie Browning

    The Teacher/Staff Appreciation lunch is a yearly event that we hold in our GYM. This year due to COVID19, we are unable to have 400+ teachers/staff on campus at one time.  We have discussed with all school and have decided on a delivery option on August 19th.

    Teams needed:

    Cooking Team (4) - team will cook/prepare all food
    Packaging Team (4-6) - team will package the food into containers for delivery.
    Delivery Team (12-14) - team will deliver food to each location

    Event Volunteer

    God has given us all gifts and talents so that we may bring glory to Him, we just have to make time to put them use.  

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    Choose 1 team you would like to serve on.