Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief is Christian love in action, meeting urgent needs of hurting humanity in crisis situations.  It is meeting those needs with loving care and timely response as James 2:15-16 instructs us to do.  There is no hidden agenda nor ulterior motive.  Disaster Relief has become one of the most exciting ministries that churches and associations can be a part.  Responding in a quick, positive way requires planning, organizing and in-depth training.

It is our belief that we are under scriptural and moral obligation to all mankind to provide positive witness of the love of Jesus Christ and to demonstrate that love in the relief of times of disasters through the efficient and immediate use of the resources, time and talents entrusted to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.  Through the development of a cooperative team effort, needs may be effectively and efficiently for the glory of our Lord.

Disasters affect many people.  Christians naturally respond to the hurts of those around them and feel an obligation to minister in the name of Jesus Christ.  Christians working together can accomplish much for the glory of God.

Individual efforts may be helpful, but are often counter-productive.  That which one person does can be undone by another.  Both mean well but may be misdirected.  Each person has an understanding of his or her objectives without an overall vision for the benefit of all.  A coordinated, cooperative team effort can harness the desires and energy of individuals into a productive, effective and efficient force for Christ.  The disaster response team can provide direction for the potential energy of individual Christians and churches desiring to be of service in times of disaster.

Through planning, training and practicing, disaster response teams can be positioned to provide leadership and expertise required in times of disaster.



Local Disaster Relief contact:
Lou Martin - FBC Sapulpa