Celebrate Recovery

What is Celebrate Recovery (CR)?

Our society is becoming more and more complex.  Kids now have three sets of grandparents.  Sexual addiction for men and women is growing at an exponential rate. Divorce is at an all-time high - for Christians.  This is our reality.

CR is a Christ-centered fellowship using the 12 steps and 8 Recovery Principles to help people address a variety of hurts, habits, and hang-ups.  This experience allows people to begin the road to recovery no matter the issue: chemical addiction, eating disorders, co-dependency, compulsive gambling, divorce, abuse, etc.  Jesus Christ will meet you where you are, right now, and show you the way to live a full, redeemed life.

6:00 pm   Worship Service
7:00 pm   Small Groups for Men/Women

CR Contact:

Dany Daniel, Exec. Pastor