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Monday, May 06, 2019 - Sunday, September 08, 2019



This challenge you are about to undertake will become an experience with the Word of God that you will not soon forget.   This will be a journey of great spiritual development for you and our church. At the end of this time, you will have accomplished what for many is the goal of a lifetime. Not only will you have read through the entire Bible but you will read the Bible stories of scripture in the order they had taken place throughout history.  You will see the Word of God through a new lens.  Prayerfully, you will see the whole story’s main character, Jesus, as you have never seen before.


Throughout scripture, Jesus and the Psalmist were found early in the MORNING devoting themselves to the Lord.  They also sought the Lord in the EVENING to finish out their day with Him. 

LUNCH BREAKS are great opportunities to refocus our minds and our hearts on the Lord throughout the day.  Spend a few minutes during this break to seek the Lord.

Many of our lives are so busy we will just need to find ANYTIME that will work.  I would ask you to seek the Lord all throughout the day.

This plan will take roughly 45-minutes of reading a day to accomplish, with built-in flex days to get caught up if you fall behind.  You could choose 45-minutes all at once, or three(3) 15-minute blocks of reading throughout the day.


PRAY: Before you start your reading, ask God to speak to you through His Word, and then expect God to speak to you.

READ:  Mark up your Bible as you read with notes and highlights.  Ask lots of questions, for we serve a God that is bigger than your questions and thus not afraid of them.

COMMIT:  Do not lose heart, do not grow weary.  If you fall behind don’t stop!  Keep reading.  The goal is not a deadline, but to grow in your Bible understanding.  Commit to the plan and read the Word of God, allowing God to show Himself to you anew.

JOURNAL:  During the reading, take notes and journal what your heart is hearing.  Ask questions that you will want to revisit and study in-depth.



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